HHC Certified Instructor Training - $1,997

Our patent-pending process starts with the Cooking Instructor Certification program, which teaches the principles of cooking class start-up so that you can create and run your own cooking class business under your company name.

This is an online self-study program that you complete at your own pace from the comfort of your home computer.

Certification is valid for 3 years upon completion.

Module 1: Getting Started (Welcome & Intro)

  • Course overview
  • How to Use the Course Materials
  • Testing and Certification Requirements
  • Background Check

Module 2: Blueprint for Success 101

  • Getting started
  • Building A Solid Structure for your cooking class company
  • Business Licensing and choosing your business name
  • Regulations for teaching cooking classes
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Record keeping ideas
  • Business Insurance ideas

Module 3: Building Your Service

  • The Master Plan
  • Facility/Kitchen options you can use
  • Projecting Revenue for your classes
  • Financial analysis of your business

Module 4: Food Handling Safety

  • Certification process
  • Basic Food Safety
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cross-Contamination & Allergens
  • Time and Temperature
  • Cleaning and Sanitation

Module 5: How to work with your Media

  • TV, radio, newspaper, magazine
  • Press Releases
  • Articles

Module 6: Target Marketing

  • Identifying and Speaking to your Niche
  • Messaging ideas to help you reach your audience
  • Self Promotion Hints and Tips
  • How to attract your audience

Module 7: Structure and Safety in Class

  • Class Structure & Safety Protocols
  • Class Planning
  • Class Types you can consider offering
  • Suggestions for pricing your classes

Module 8: Recipe, Nutrition & Food Allergy Training

  • Food Allergy Training
  • Recipe preparation and kitchen safety
  • Teaching nutrition elements and games/quizzes to your students
  • Expected class flow and participation in your classes
  • Working with children (communication tips)

Module 9: Growing Your Revenue

  • Additional revenue ideas for your cooking classes - adding products and services to your classes

Module 10: Instructor Group Community

  • Certified instructor forum
  • Private instructor community group

Module 11: Getting Online

  • How to schedule your cooking classes, events, demos, and parties - industry protocol
  • Recommended ways to accept student registrations
  • Student waiver samples to protect your business
  • Test (40 questions)

*Additional Mandatory Requirements for Certification:

  • Food Handling Safety Course: $15 U.S. (outside vendor) - Module 4
  • Background Check - $19.95 U.S. (outside vendor) - Module 1
    -Food Allergy Training - $0.00 - Module 8

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